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Tel: 082 482 1402

Tel: 071 575 1085


GPS Coordinates

S25 52.267’

E028 26.314’

Consulting Hours

By appointment Only

canterbury equine vet in pretoria with patient canterbury vet with equine in pretoria

Canterburg Vet Clinic was established in 2010 as a specialised Equine Surgical Facility in the Silverlakes area of Pretoria and is managed and owned by equine specialist veterinarian Dr Ingrid Cilliers. The Canterbury Vet Clinic hospital facility was purpose built with 4 fully equipped ICU stables. There is a state of the art operating theatre and a fully padded recovery room with extra observation facilities for additional vets to observe patients. Outside, there are paddocks and clean well maintained stables. 

The Canterbury Vet Clinic has a wide range of specialised equine equipment available for the treatment of their equine patients.

Canterbury Vet Clinic aims to provide a high standard of ethical, professional and compassionate veterinary care for the patient.  Intensive care cases (eg colics) are monitored 24h by qualified veterinary and / or veterinary nursing staff.  Treatments are individualized to meet the specific requirements of every patient. The colic team comprises of experienced anaesthetist/s, specialist equine surgeon, veterinary nurse and dedicated theatre staff. The hospital has four intensive care stables with facilities for safe intravenous fluid administration. The success of any emergency colic surgery is attributed to the work ethic of the whole team.

Surgical cases are monitored by an experienced anaesthetist.  During the surgery modern equipment is used to monitor blood pressures (invasive), partial pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide, heart rate, respiratory rate, ECG, and flow of anaesthetic gasses.  A positive pressure ventilator is used in all colic surgeries.

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