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Contact Us

Tel: 082 482 1402

Tel: 071 575 1085


GPS Coordinates

S25 52.267’

E028 26.314’

Consulting Hours

By appointment Only

24 Hour Referral Facility for Equine Emergencies.

Canterbury Vet Clinic offers a wide range of routine and specilaized services for equines. 

We also provide a service for pets, and production animals.

For a range of services we offer our valued clients please go to the link to suit your particular query.

We work on an appointment basis. To contact our vets for an appointment please go to our Contact Us page.




All horses requiring "colic surgery" are maintained under gas anesthesia and monitored closely by a dedicated anesthetist.  The horses clinical parameters are monitored with the help of specialized equipment.   This helps ensure the safest anesthesia for the animal.



The horses are positioned on a hydraulic table with the help of an electrical hoist.  The table can be lifted to acccomodate the surgeon whilst performing surgery.








The horses are recovered in a padded room.  They are assisted during their recovery with ropes attached to the head and tail region.  The anesthetist assists with this procedure until the horse is steady on its limbs.

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